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Backup Exec failed backup because path is too long and cannot be processed - Error Code E000FE39?

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I've been trying out Backup Exec 20.3 and it is behaving very strangely.  We are using it to do a full backup on the local hard disks of a Windows server.

Backup Exec would kind of "freeze" through the full backup with Error Code E000FE39 and the Job Status would be set to "Resumed".  It would then start the full backup completely from scratch again, but then it would completely fail the second time with the same Error Code E000FE39.

Job History.png

I looked into the job history and Error Code E000FE39 and it seems to be caused by a directory whose path name is too long.

I never recalled Backup Exec completely crashing and burning on long file paths before.  Backup Exec would still backup the files.

Is there a configuration setting I'm missing?


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have a look at following technote,

the limitation is caused by windows and not by backup exec