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Backup Exec is Impossible to Work With

Level 2

I am on Backup Exec 2014 (FP3) and continue to wish it did not exist.  My current challenge (one of many) is that when I go to my DeDupe storage to expire backup sets I have to manually navigate around the HUGE list to find backup sets to expire.  When I try to select a backup the selection "hops" off the item I'm on.  If I try to multi-select items it hops around before I can hit "Expire".  If I try to scroll down in the backup set list the console will sometimes error saying "Can't Load Backup Sets" and then it will crash compeltely with "An error with the Backup Exec administration console has occurred.  The administration console will close when you click OK. To restart the console, click the Backup Exec icon or click Start > All Programs > Symantec Backup Exec."

Backup Exec is the bane of our existence.  I strongly recommend moving off backup exec completely as soon as possible.  If you are, like us, stuck with it due to a large amount of legacy data, you have my deepest sympathy.  If you are in this group, complain, open a support ticket and drive them nuts the way they are driving all of the backup exec admins nuts.