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Backup Exec is an Easy Install, 4 Things you Ought to Know

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Do you know any backup software that supports 11 languages? Yes, you heard it right, Backup Exec Supports 11 languages. To know more about installing Backup Exec, continue reading. This writeup will provide you with a brief on the installation of backup exec and the various features the product provides in this single blog article.

  1. Backup Exec Server Installation:

The Backup Exec Server installation is the core component of Veritas backup Exec. It can be installed on Physical or Virtual machines in multiple ways.

GUI Installation: The install wizard helps the user to complete the installation in a short amount of time. It provides two option, Typical install, and a Custom Install.



Typical installation:

This is the path the user takes by following the install wizard and selecting the default options along the way. This option installs SQL server express edition for the BE (Backup Exec) database on the server.

Custom installation:

With custom installation, we provide more option like RAC (Remote administration console) and Remote installation or Push installation of the backup exec server.

With this option, the user can select the features required during the installation process and choose from multiple available languages. These languages include, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian & Korean. With the custom option, users have two choices for the Backup Exec database. The user can either go with the default SQL instance where the installer will install the SQL Express components on the local computer to store the backup Exec Database. Or, the user can use an Existing SQL instance (Local or remote). SQL server 2008 R2 with SP2 or later are supported.

To find more information on the step-by-step installation process, visit our support resource on the topic::

Silent or command line installation:

anilthomas_2-1682627400252.pngThis option enables the user to install Backup Exec Media Server with a command line with no or minimal manual intervention. Backup Exec provides multiple silent install switches that can be used to complete the installation. This option also enables users to automate the installation process in case they are deploying in large environment.  

To find more information about the various available silent install switches, visit our support resource on the topic:

Push Installation:

anilthomas_3-1682627400252.pngIf a user wants to deploy Backup Exec server on multiple environments, the push install option will be useful. It enables the user to push install a media server either from an existing install of backup exec or during a fresh install.

Backup Exec also provides a Backup Exec Migration Assistant that enables users to migrate all Backup Exec configuration and data seamlessly from a source server to a destination server. The migration does not modify the original database or the configuration on the source server. It helps Administrators to move Backup Exec from a server that may be end of life to a new server that can take the new role of the Backup Exec Server.


  1. RAWS (Remote Agent for Windows Server) Installation:

With Backup Exec we install the remote agent on the server that we are protecting or backing up. Backup Exec can be installed on a Physical or Virtual environment with different types of methods.  The product will run on Server and Client 32-bit & 64-bit platforms.

To learn more on the supported RAWS platform, visit our support resource:

Just like Media server install, the RAWS install also allows the user to select from one of the following install paths:

  1. GUI based local Install
  2. Silent or command line-based install
  3. Push install from a media server.

To find more information on the step-by-step installation process for RAWS installations, visit our support resource on the topic:


  1. RAC (Remote Admin Console) install and Multiple versions of RAC on the same machine:


The Backup Exec Remote Admin Console is a lightweight interface to control a Backup Exec server remotely. The RAC is typically installed on a 64-bit windows-based client operating system like Windows 10/11. However, Backup Exec can also be installed on a Windows server operating system. The Remote Administration Console makes the life of a systems administrator easier as it can be used to connect directly from a client operating system to a Backup Exec Server.


  1. RALUS (Remote Agent for Linux Unix Server) installation:

anilthomas_5-1682627400252.pngThe RALUS agent install is a consolidated installer that supports multiple UNIX platforms like Red Hat, SUSE, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, AIX, Solaris and Xenserver. The RALUS agent can also be used to backup multiple filesystems supported by all the above operating systems.  The installer wizard does all prerequisite checks and user group modifications that are required by backup Exec. Once the prerequisite checks are done the agent installer proceeds to install the agent after taking care of all the dependencies that are required for Backup Exec to be able to back up a UNIX machine. The RALUS installer also provides a response file-based install option (silent install) that allows the user to automate the installation of agents in an environment where there are multiple Linux machines that need to have the RALUS agent installed without having to perform the manual install on every Linux machine.

To find more information on the supported RALUS platform, visit this support resource:

You can try Backup Exec for 60 days, for free. Sign up for your free trial today at::

For more information, please refer to our Backup Exec website or the administrator’s guide