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Backup Exec job logs for audit purposes

My Backup Exec 2010 environment is currently setup to protect ~8TB of data on various servers/devices.

Our longest backup retention is 90 days.

Recently I was asked to produce proof that a file was backed up by Backup Exec from 9 months ago.

My job logs obviously don't have that information anymore.

I can configure BE Job logging to be detailed including directory and file but how do I keep the log or logs around for a longer period...say 1 year?


2 Replies

If you go to

If you go to Tools>Options>Settings>Database Maintainence, you can change the job log retention period here.

Do be aware that turning on

Do be aware that turning on detailed logging and increasing the log retention period would consume a lot of disk space.  If it is occasional audit requests, it might be better to use CatTools to dump a catalog to prove that the file was backed up.