Backup Exec job superseeded by what?

I am having issues with a specific job that quite often goes "Superseeded" but it doesn't say by what.

This is happening quite often now, and I need to troubleshoot by what.
No other jobs are running at all, so I'm really confused.

Hoping on your help <3

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Re: Backup Exec job superseeded by what?

It wil be superseeded by another part fo the schule of teh same job


i.e. if you have a full scheduled for Friday at 20:00 

and daily incrementals schueld for every day at 20:00 (including on a Friday) then teh incremental on the Friday wil be listed as Superseeded because the full ran instead.


As a massive recommendation get onto a newer version than BE 2012 - especially for scheduling confusion issues - 2012 was the recipient of what is in effect version 1.0 of our new Scheduling and Job Management configuration - we received a lot of feedback (some from ex-BE2010 customers and some from new BE2012 customers) about this new design and changes were implemented in the BE 2014 release (and lat) that provided more usability and flexibility.


Re: Backup Exec job superseeded by what?


I have deleted all other jobs in the schedule and restarted. Will see if that helps.

We are doing testing on the newer versions, we went from 2010 > 2012 and had MAJOR issues and also breaking stuff,
so we will be moving to newer versions within the next couple of months I hope.

Thank you for your answer!

Re: Backup Exec job superseeded by what?

At this current time we do not recommend 2012 as part of any upgrade progression and you do have to be careful to read our compatibility lists for 2014 and later as we have removed support for some obsolete technologies in the later versions (to help with this each Sofwtare Compatibility List does have and end of life and retiring soon section at the end of it)