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Backup Exec jobs fail and don't restart..........

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I have a funny issue with Backup Exec and I'm unsure if I have setup these features correctly. All my backup jobs run correctly for the most part but what can happen occasionally is that a backup will fail, mostly from a Windows update and long story short, when I receive my e-mail report from BE2010, I'll notice that jobs will just be marked as "failed" and the server never attempts to retry the backup, basically giving up quickly and retrying again only when the next backup occurs. I have setup the Error-handling rules and have set what I thought would enable BE2010 to continue to attempt to retry or restart a backup if a failure of sorts occurs. I also notice that if I even reboot the server during a backup, the job will not continue and fail instead and not attempt to complete the backup job after coming back up. How do I configure BE2010 so that if a job fails, it will continue to try to complete the backup for 24-36 hours if needed. 

HELP!!!! and thanks for your input............


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Hey ioniancat21,

you can try to do this with the policy in Backup Exec. You create you a new policy and add there the first and the second template. which should be the same for different times. After this you can add a rule -> When the first fail, start second. 

So clear when the template 1 (Main Backup) fail, it will start automatic Template 2 (as well Main Backup) to a different time. So in this way you can repeat the Backups. You should leave there some time between them that Template 2 have a chance to start and finish :)

This you can repaet as much you want. You have to make the templates to different times in the Schedule.

Hope this gives you a hint :)

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As currently coded, Backup Exec jobs are not re-startable in the general industry definition of the term.  Once a job ends for whatever reason, it will not auatomatically start up again either  from where it left off, or from the top

You need to run the job again  manually or via a two step template as suggested above.

This may be worth mentioning in the "ideas" area ( Gray menu bar, drop down  beside Forums)  if it gets enough support there, it MAY appear in a future release of BackupExec