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Backup Exec not connecting to NetApp

Level 2

I'm running a trial version of BE 15 on WIndows Server 2008R2. I need to test backup of a NetApp NAS device. The error that I'm getting is "The server was unable to complete the requested operation. Possible cause: A network connection to the server could not be established."

In the Add a Server dialog, if I hit browse and drill down to the NetApp device, I get this error:

Browse Failure. Failure to browse 'NetApp_Device'. A network connection to the server could not be established. Additional technical details.

QueryMetaData: MDQ_BackupResourceBrowsing_View
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_ConnectionLogon =
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_QueryMode = '5'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_DeviceName = '\\'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_DsType = 'Wnet'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_OsId = 'PcDos'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_BrowsingFilterMode = '2'
MDS_BackupResourceBr0wsing_View_Parameter_ServerLogon = '10011001-1001-1001-0101-010101010101'

Steps I've already taken:

1. Added NDMP TCP port 10000 on services file.

2. Telnet NetApp_Device 10000. Connection established.

Any suggestions?


Level 4

When you installed Backup Exec, did you select the NDMP Option ? You can also look under the License Information screen within BE (from Home | Installation &  Licensing) ?

Yep, I went in after the initial install and added the NDMP Option.

You mentioned that you were hitting the browse button within the Add Server dialogs. Have you tried entering the IP address of the filer ?   Browse should work,but sometimes entering the specific IP address helps narrow down the issue.  Are you ever prompted for the logon account to use for the connection? Are you using the Root account to access ?