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Backup Exec not working since Windows Updates

Hi, as the title explains backup Exec 12 is not working since the latest Windows updates were appplied for March.

The server is 2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition on SP2.

Last time we had to wait till there was an update on Liveupdate so was just wondering whether this was being looked into my Symantec and when the update would be released?


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Backup Exec not working

Can you give any details as to how the Backup Exec software is not working?

Backup Exec not working

Do you know the Windows updates that were applied? 

There is a confilict!!

apparently there is a confilict in the windows updates released recently.
No official aproval issued yet, but it's heard for several times.

Take caution and let's wait for the companies!!

me too

We are having a similar problem, but we're on Server 2008 x64.  Updates were installed March 23rd (I beleive they were KB958690 and KB960225, but not 100%) along with BE hotfix 320467, and ever since then our back up, which was running under 2 hours is now running around 14.  The strange thing is that the job rate has remained steady at around 2,000 MB/min.  Looking at the logs, there seems to be a space of about 2 hours between volumes.  We are running a single job that backs up SQL, C:\, D:\ and E:\, and it's between the tasks that it hangs.

Since then BE hotfix 317053 and 319239 have been applied.  We've removed the 2 windows updates, but the problem remains.  This has to be more then coincedence that our problems started with those updates, but I can't seem to find any info, other then this post...

Any thoughts?

any news

Has anyone had any news on this?  We're still plagued byt this problem.