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Backup Exec remote administration console showing blank job and history logs

Level 2

When reviewing job and history logs on my windows 7 x64 machine that is running the remote administration console for BE2010R2 and R3, the screen is coming up blank. (see attached)

I have had this problem in both R2 and R3.

 If I do a "save as" on them and open them from a temporary location I can view them.

I am able to view logs directly from the media server locally as well as from my xp machine running the remote administration tools without any issues.

I've tried the following; however the problem still persists;
Uninstalling and reinstalling
Modifying settings to "run as administrator"

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Partner    VIP    Accredited you have the correct rights assigned to that user that uses the BE Remote Console?

Level 2

Do you mean rights to login to Backup Exec?

I use the same remote console login on both my Windows 7 machine (not working) and my Windows XP machine (working fine)