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Backup Exec repair tool

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Hi there

After a restart of the my server, I cant run my Backup Exec installation because the Backup Exec Server service is not running anymore (and no I can't start it). I have been searching for day but now I give up.

Is there a Backup Exec repair tool which I can run? And no I can't repair it in add/remove programs.

Thanks for help



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Try running BEDB.exe. But this only repairs the BE Database. Other than that, no other means to repair BE outside of Add/Remove Programs.

Have you checked the Event Viewer to see if there are any errors specific to this issue?


The Database is okay (but yes I have tried BEDB.exe)
It's not possible to repair it via Add/Remove programs, because it's not there.
Event Viewer has only old logs, so no there are no events.

Whe I start Backup exec it says the Server needs to be restartet to run properly. But I have already done that and it's appearing again.

Please tell me you have an other idea


Thanks and KR

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You might want to search the Net and see how to manually remove Backup Exec. They used to have the steps officially on the Symantec (now Veritas site) but it got pulled. I've used them, and while they worked for me, the warning is that you delete keys and files and folders at your own risk.

The other option is to log a call with Veritas support to remove the application and then try the install again.


Level 3


Please go to registry and look for reboot key

It should be under   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows

# Folder called reboot or pach reboot / Delete that and reboot the server and try again

# Remember to backup the registry before you make any changes. !!

If still issue presist / Send me the screenshot and attach the VEritas quick assist file.

Pravin Kumar D

Thank you for the respond and sorry for the delay.

Unfortunately im I can not restart the server (because I will run in multiple problems with an other application ).

Is there any other way to fix this?