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Backup Exec server cannot access the specified storage device (tape library) in CAS/MBES environment

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We have many backup policies in our environment and almost all of them are having the same configuration. It may sound odd but we have one backup for each VM in this environment. All of them are having a weekly job and daily incremental job. As the second stage, each of these jobs is linked to a duplication job which duplicates the correspondent backup set to a DR open storage device.

Every first Monday of the month we get the last full backup set and duplicate it to LTO5 tapes and keep them for long retention as monthly backups. The tape library is attached to one of the MBES servers.

The problem is that there are a few jobs that cannot see the tape library during monthly tape duplications on each month. The jobs that cannot access the tape library are completely random. So, if one backup policy cannot see the tape library in one month it may work fine next month.

Refreshing the Backup Exec services on CAS and two MBESs have not helped in our case. The only way we used to get the full backup sets duplicated to tape was to manually find the backup sets in the deduped OST and duplicated them to the tape library.

Just recently, I have found a work around to make the backup policies which have trouble accessing the library to find the device and kick off the monthly duplication. However, after a few jobs, they go to the same state and I have to do the same process again until all of the backup policies are duplicated to tape successfully.

We also get "ODBC access error. Possible lost connection to database or unsuccessful access to catalog index in the database" error message on CAS. Apparently, this happens when there is a communication drop out between CAS and one of the MBES servers. I guess this might be causing the monthly duplication issue we are facing in the environment.

This is already escalated to Veritas support and is still under investigation. My question is if anybody knows a permanent fix for this issue? 


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Is FP mentioned in following technote for ODBC installed :

Duplicate job issue - is tape library shared between both MEBS servers?

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FP5 with following hotfixes are installed:




The library is not shared. We tried to share it but there is no option to do so.

Therefore, all of the tape jobs are delegated to the MBES that has direct access to the library no matter which MBES/CAS run the last full backup.