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Backup Exec slow to bring selection list when editing jobs on a NAS device

This is Backup exec 2012.

I have a NAS device I'm backing up as a CIFS share. As it is a proprietary OS on the device, there is no BE agent on the device. I'm not having any trouble backing up (or restoring) to the device, and the backup speeds are good.

My problem is editing any of the jobs related to this device. Every time I open up the edit dialog for the job, I have to wait about 5 minutes for the selection list to appear. Once it appears, I can do whatever I need normally, but waiting 5 minutes each time is quite a pain. I believe it's taking this long because there is no agent on the device. If so, is there a way to modify the timeout so I don't have to wait so long? 



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There won't be any way to

There won't be any way to modify a timeout setting for could be a DNS issue (add the NAS into your server's hosts file to see if this resolves it in any way) or it could simply be that BE is emumerating the NAS's B2D contents.



I tried adding the NAS to the

I tried adding the NAS to the hosts file, but this didn't make any difference. I am somewhat resigned to the fact that this isn't fixable, but it really seems silly.


Have you had a look @ this KB

Have you had a look @ this KB -

(Ignore the title)



When checking/querying/creating resources for a job selection, Backup Exec will usually try and talk to a remote agent within the remote host before it tries a share level connection by falling back on the remote agent process on the media server. this attenpt to talk to the remet agent almost certainly has retry logic as well. As such there will be a potential time delay whilst it retries the RAWS connection before falling back to share level.

I don't think the number of retries can be adjusted and the time taken for eah retry probably depends on the environment.