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Backup Exec support for Nutanix AHV

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We are been a Backup Exec user for many years.  We have recently deployed Nutanix HCI within our environment and busy migrating our servers onto it, however we currently have to backup servers that are on the AHV hypervisor as “physical” servers.

I notice that Veritas NetBackup provides native support for AHV.  Will Backup Exec be getting native support for AHV and so when?

I need to know soon as we are reviewing our backup solution and if Backup Exec wont be supporting AHV soon we are going to have to move to another product?


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I can only assume that you found this featured NetBackup post:

If we look at the diagram and process flow, it seems to me (NB: personal opinion) that only an Enterprise backup product can provide the necessary support for 'BigData' such as Hadoop and Nutanix. 
We also see the 'backup host' must be Linux. There is probably a very valid reason for this.

About future support for BE - 
I have never seen Veritas Employees sharing roadmap info in a public forum.
Best to reach out to Product Management via your local Veritas office.