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Backup Exec support on ISA Server

Hi all

just a question about a special config.

Is it supported / Recommended / Working ? to install Backup Exec (12.5 or 2010 ) Server for Windows on a windows 2003 Server where Microsoft ISA Server (2006) is installed ?

I'm not talking about the agent, but the Media Server !!!


Actually I'm facing an existing customer with this config and none of the remote agents are talking to the server correctly. I can backup using file shares, but not using the agent

BTW, the agent has been installed on each server locally, not with the push install (error message : RPC Server is unavailable)


Thanks for your advices and answers








2 Replies

The requirements to install

The requirements to install BE on a media server look specifically at the OS level...not at applications also installed.

In terms of that, either BE 12.5 or BE 2010 R3 are fine, although I'd recommend installing BE 2010 R3 as it is the latest and greatest with better support.

You can get the trialware for BE 2010 R3 on the link below:

You should be able to get it

You should be able to get it work, but you will require to open the ports that Backup Exec is using.

Open the ISA monitoring while backup/push agent to see the ports that are being used.
Or create a rule to allow any from localhost (ISA server) to your remote servers.