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I have a customer who is running Mysql on linux. Can i use agent for Linux or agent for app/DB to do the backup and recovery?

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As long as the version of Linux is supported then you shoud be able to use methods within MySQL to do some kind of dump and then use the linux agent to backup the resulting outpur from the dump. 

To backup MySQL data directly you may have to stop the MySQL Application, although some Linux versions are supported by our Open File Technology, backing up MySQL using this ability with MySQL still running might result in crash consistent/inconsistent restores of the SQL data because we do not certify MySQL for backup support.


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so Colin I cannot use agent from BE15 to run the backups in this case?

There is no official support

There is no official support for Backup Exec to protect MySQL so you cannot directly use the agent. The ONLY version of SQL we currently support is MS SQL Server.

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Thanks Colin !!!