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Backup Fail

I have use symantec for backup data, drive, system state, shadown..., on network.

the result show me successful used server credential (fail).


Can you help me provide the solution to fix it.


Best Regards,


Kahok SOR

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The credentials test shows ok

The credentials test shows ok so your backups might be failing with some other reason. There could be any reason like invalid or no license, raws not installed and so forth. Could you please explain as what is the error message you are getting in the job log and what is your setup.


Hi there,   Your credential

Hi there,


Your credential test succeeded in your screendump...that wouldn't be the issue.

Next thing to do is open your job log, and see where it failed. If it is something you can troubleshoot yourself (like AOFO not in use when it needed to be for example!), then try it.

If you aren't coming right, post back here and we can take it further...




Hi Kahok SOR,   Any news

Hi Kahok SOR,


Any news here?