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Backup Failure

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We currently have a Windows 2003 Server hosted with a well known ISP and have a query re their backup service.

Our ISP has been selling us a Veritas backup. We recently asked for a couple of files to be restored. But there just happened to be a corruption of the backup for the couple of files we required!

When looking into this further we noted that no shares are enabled on this server and there are no Veritas services or applications running. Is it possible that a Veritas backup was indeed ever running? Can Veritas backup from a remote location a Windows 2003 Server without leaving a trace of such on that server?

Any help here as to whether the ISP is correct would be very helpful.

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Starting with v9, backup exec won't even connect to a ServerOS machine unless there is a RemoteAgent installed and running (BERemote service), unless they are accessed via User Defined Shares, which is generally done only when the agent CANNOT be installed (like on a NAS box)

Would both of these files been off the same backup , or different backups?

If they don't charge you for restores, try submitting some test restore from random days of the week back as far as they say they keep the backups and tell them that if none of the restores are succesful, you want a full refund.