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Backup Job Failing on Hyper-V VM

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Hi All,

Been having an issue with Backup Exec 2012 on a Server 2008 host, hoping somone on here can help. Situation is as follows.

Backup Exec 15 was installed (trial) and has been working 100% correctly for a number of weeks. I've since removed 15 and reinstalled 12, (our licensed edition) and since this point have not been able to get a sucesful backup. As far as I can tell the backup job is setup in the same way, we're using the same server, same tape drive, same tapes (have been blanked). 

What I find weird is the error i'm getting is almost pointing at a faulty tape drive, however this was replaced just before Xmas and was working corectly on 15. The backup job gets to around 260gb into the job before it fails, from what I can tell this is around the time it attempts to access one of the Hyper-V VM machines so I'm assuming this is the fault somehow. I've tried running this backup both without agents and with GRT enabled using agents on the VM. 

I've attached a image of the job log error below.

Any assistance would be amazing! Thanks!


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Since it is working with BE 15, the obvious solution would be to upgrade to BE 15.  The upgrade is free if you are on a current maintenance contract.  BE 2012 is getting long in the tooth and BE 15 has quite a bit of improvement especially in the handling of multiple servers.

That said, check that your tape drive is using a Symantec driver.  If you are using a tape library, it should appear in the Windows Device Manager as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver.

Run the tape manufacturer's diagnostic utility against the tape library/drive.  Make sure you select the write test and that you have stopped all the BE services beforehand.