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Backup Job Get "Successfully" status but only is processed 2.400 bytes

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Backup Job Get "Successfully" status but only is processed 2.400 bytes.

The selection list was already checked.

I'm trying to do a "Full - Using archive bit".

Does anybody know this problem?






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Are you backing up data under DSFR?  If so, you got to back up the shadow copy component.  They would not be backed up if you select them like normal files.

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Thank you for your help pkh.

Sorry I'm begginner yet. How can I check about DSFR? I couldn't find that option on the Backup Exec.


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It's not a Backup Exec Option it's a Microsoft Optiosn that you might be using on the server.

In Basic terms DFSR is a location on your file system that is repliacte to another server in the environment such that local users go to their nearest copy instead of all going ot the same (possibly distant) server. There are other reason to enable DFSR that is just one example.

If you have DFSR enabled then the files within the folder that is replicated cannot be backed up by just selecting the drive letter for backup and the job log will not warn you about why the files in question have been skipped.

Similarly (and I recently had a customer do this) If the volume in question holds something like an MS Exchange database and not much else, then a backup job of the drive letter will not include the Exchange data because it should be backed up via a proper agent.

I guess the real question here is, what applications own the data held on the volume in question?