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Are you asking if the tape

Are you asking if the tape unit is attached to the RAID controller?  I imagine that the tape unit is using one of the SAS adapters, but how can I tell for certain?

Yes that's it

Dear Jtaylor,

SAS adapater is one where you connect Harddisk & you have configured RAID !

So its a RAID controller where you have connected the LTO drive............

Take a SCSI card seperately and then see the performance, definately that is the solution....


Improving Performance For backup Exec

Hello J,

Make sure your tape drive is on the higher target id compared to your medium changer.

Configuring your tape drive on the higher SCSI ID Less than 7 may be 6 or 5 should surely improve the  performance of the backup  


Dear Jtaylor,,

Any updates............

Please let me know..........

Same issue I had, solved by Installing separate SCSI card

PLease revert


We have a single server, an

We have a single server, an external RAID set, and a tape unit.  Under Device Manager, I have a RAID controller and two SAS adapters.  You're certain that the tape unit, instead of the RAID set, is attached to the RAID controller.  How can I tell this for certain?  I need proof to take to management.

I'm not a Windows admin by

I'm not a Windows admin by background, and "higher SCSI ID" is Greek to me.  Can you elaborate, or throw me some references?


Our backup last night had a rate of 351 MB/min.  I ran a representative subset of our backup this morning and it had a rate of 1659 MB/min.  I'm totally confused.  I've never seen a rate that high, and I can't fathom what made the difference.


Last night's backup had a rate of 356 MB/min.  I have no idea what happened to the 1659-2982 MB/min rates I saw yesterday in my testing, and those were during the day when there were users connected to the server.

I have found something

I have found something interesting.  The internal C: drive consistently backs up at 4 times the rate of the external E: drive.  I tested this by making identical copies of test data on both drives.  That tells me that the tape unit configuration is most likely not to blame.

Re: I have found something

Hii all, 

I Open again this case Smiley Very Happy

I have a problem with duplicate jobs using symantec Backup Exec 15 Version 14.2 Rev.1180

I am using Symantec Backup Exec for backup my server for full backup job to my local disk Backup Server and then duplicate it to another storage on different city the network i am using is 10Gbps.
On my Backup Server i am using iSCSI cable, and also on storage on different city, but i am face trouble that my job rate only have 700MB/min (on job monitoring in Symantec Backup Exec).

that make my duplicate job time is too long, and also my network 10Gbps i can say not using optimaly.


Any suggestions guys?