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Backup Job Stucked at Queued OR Discovering Resources

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Hy Everyone,

hope all of you will be doing good.

One of LIF shared backup getting stucked at Queued OR Discovering Resources. LIF is a share from NetApp FAS 2720. Initially the backups were working fine, and from now a days we are stucked here. Other client's backups are working fine, the only issue is with the share. The job getting stucked on all of these storages dedupe storage, local storage and TL as well. Any suggessions will be highly appreciated.


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Could you please share more info about Job Config?

Are you doing backup via NDMP agent or using CIFS share?

Have you checked with the storage admin if anything has changed on the NetApp side?

Hi @Marianne ,

Thanks for you reply.

The job is configured for full backups only. We have took 5-6 full sucessful backups previously Backup-to-Disk-to-Tape. We have tried test backups on dedupe, local storage and TL as well but with no luck. 

We are doing CIF share backups not NDMP.

There was nothing changed at storage end.