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Backup Job's to Autoloader over Bank Holiday's

Hi, and Happy New Year

Our client has asked a straight forward question regarding their Autoloader over Bank Holiday's and would seem a legitimate request.

They have a basic setup to B2D, then Dupe to Tape.

For example over the recent Bank Holiday they wanted place two Tapes in the AutoLoader, Slot 1 Monday, Slot 2 Tuesday and both backup's to run to the alternate Tapes.

My original answer was no, as Backup exec will pull an available Tape to use "maybe even from Slot1 first * it would then eject after completion.

Due to the size of the data, i'm pretty sure it fits on one Tape, so both Day's go on to one. So the client is ok with this, but to keep his rotation tidy, he wanted Tuesday's backup on Tuesday Media. He also thinks, whats the point of an Autoloader.

I raised a case with Veritas, and after a long winded conversation, as they didnt understand clearly the request, i was told i need loads of changes such as multiple media set's , mutliple job's. I thought this was overkill, as only wanted to know the basic question, can i send Monday/Tuesdays backup's to Monday and Tuesday Tapes.

Anyway it was New Years eve, and made no changes

So my only idea at present is just change the Job to Overwrite, rather then Append then overwrite. This way Monday will backup, and be protected by it's OPP which is 6 day's. Tuesday will have no choice but to use the 2nd Tape.

Only caveat is if the Monday job does not use slot 1 first.

Data will unlikely to have changed over holidays, so maybe a lot of work for little benifit anyway

I hope that all made sense, got headache already.



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Re: Backup Job's to Autoloader over Bank Holiday's

Re: Backup Job's to Autoloader over Bank Holiday's


Client will likely just ask us to omit the Dupe part, or just let it run to a tape if available (our prefered method)