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Backup MOSS farm does not go to a granular level in one content database

Level 2
Dear all,

we are facing a problem here. Our sys admin set up everything to run the farm backups. In that farm we have 3 web applications which represents 3 content databases on a separate SQL back-end machine. When the backup is done, the report tells the backup succeed. It happens that when we try to recover from the backups, we can recover from an item level from 2 of those web applications, but not from 1. It created the whole site backup, but we cannot dig in to recover an item or a subsite.

Did anyone had this problem before?
(I gave farm admin levels to the account used by Backup Exec to double check the rights. That user could log on to the site and indeed he could go to all subsites and all item levels. So it is not access I believe).

Thanks in advance for any help.