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Backup Multiple Systems at Once

Level 3


If I schedule a job with multiple systems in the job does BackupExec 2012 backup all the systems simultaneously or one after each other?


Thank you


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

If the jobs are targated to a Tape, they will be executed 1 after the other.

If targeted to a B2D then you can set on the B2D properties as to how many jobs can run simultaneously.

Level 2

Kindly refer to the article about Backup to disk properties. ->Allow x concurrent jobs for this backup-to-disk folder..

Level 3

I do not  see where I could "Displays the number of concurrent write" in the properties of my storage?

I am using a Synology NAS unit. Should it be on the storage properties of this?


Level 3

Sorry. I see it now. It is set defaulted to 1. To be correct if I choose 5 systems to backup as one job, it would only write the information to the storage one system at a time?



Level 4

Correct, the settings for concurrent writes have to do with INDEPENDENT JOBS - essentially How Many Simultaneous Jobs can be writing to the storage device.

When you are able to choose multiple systems in a Single Job, they will only run sequentially no matter what value your storage device setting for concurrent writes may be.