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Backup Over SAN


I am trying to backup my Exchange server (DAG) over SAN. I have done all the SAN configuration as follows:


- Installed media server on both Exchage servers

- Installed SSO option on all media server

- Configured Tape drive attached to fibre switch


I am still not able to backup the data over SAN. The backup is going through our LAN. Is there any missing configuration that I need to do?


thank you,

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...did you run the SAN SSO

...did you run the SAN SSO wizard itself?

Your Exchange servers must also be zoned on the SAN to see the tape library. If they don't connect to the SAN, then your backups will run across your LAN...

Check the best practices below:


Dear Craig, The zone

Dear Craig,

The zone configuration is done and the tape library is show on both media servers (exchange).

I have installed the media servers using the SAN SSO wizard and set them as secondary media servers.

But still not able to perform SAN backup.

best regards,

...try running that wizard

...try running that wizard again. What sort of speeds are you getting?

We have configured the SAN

We have configured the SAN option earlier and the job rate was 1.7 GB/Min. 


i was facing a problem with the Backup exec server, so I uninstalled it and re-install it and now the speed is 600 MB/Min.

...check to see that you're

...check to see that you're using the Symantec drivers fo rthe tape, and that any AV isn't scanning the BE services.


I have already checked that

I have already checked that and everything is fine.