Backup SQL - BE Agent or maintenance plan

I know it's been discussed before, but having some issues compiling all the different info, so I will ask again.

I need to backup an SQL 2016 database, but having isuses using a maintenance plan.  My SA account locks out, and it appears as if SA is not owner on some of the dbs.  At this point we are going live with with this DB after a year of dev, and would rather not change dbo on the dbs.

We have decided to use Backup Exec to backup the dbs.  Are there any drawbacks to use Backup exec rather than the maintenance plans?

Any recommendations?

My plan is to setup 4 stages to the job: I need 4 stages because the daily and weekly go to different media sets (yes we still use tape!)

-1 Weekending full backup of dbs

-2 weekending backup of logs and truncate

-3 Daily full backup of dbs

-4 daily backup of logs and truncate.

Does this sounds like a good plan?

Thanks for any info you can provide!