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Backup Solution

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Hello Everyone

We have multiple servers on the network that being backed up by Symantec backup exec 2010.


The current backup consists of a Full backup which runs on Sunday nights. This backup takes 12-16hrs to complete. The backup is stored on a NAS device. The servers are all connected VIA gigabit. This is too long and fails often.

Some servers use Windows Backup instead, such as the Exchange server and TMG server. These are mapped to iSCSI drives to the NAS.

There is also an incremental backup which runs every day as well. This backs up the same servers and takes about 4 hours to complete.

Incremental backup runs from Sunday to Monday and Full backup runs on Sunday nights. Also one of the servers that are being backed up is MSSQL server.

The solution I'm trying to find is to decrease backup times and increase reliability of the backups.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you guys mite have.

Thank you.


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Best bet to increase speed is to use an agent. Invoke the 60-day trial license for Exchange (you don't say which version...but if 2007/2010, you need to comply with requirements in order to back it up properly...check the Admin Guide). I'd suggest doing the same with the SQL server.

You'll have to install a RAWS agent on each of those servers.

Once done, run a backup of just SQL and Exchange. You should see the speeds increase quite a bit, due to the manner in which the backup runs.

You'd then want to split your backups between databases and data, using AOFO for data ONLY!

If the agents give you a decent-enough boost, then you should look at licensing it.



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i have sql that i backup but incomplete job. its show that restore job view resources.which i now that backup is not complete.HOW CAN I DELETE INCOMPLETE JOB.for not to be seen at restore job view resources???????

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Hi There.

We are already using the agents. The backup is one backup that includes around 6 servers. The Exchange server is using Windows Backup currently as the BackupEx server is not on a 64bit platform. I understand this needs to be the case when using the Exchange 2010 agent.

We are using agents on all other servers. Over gigabit, the backup still takes around 12-14hrs with 6 servers and around 350-400gb.

Should we be using a file option?

Also, should we be splitting this job up so that it's an individual server jobs instead of one big one?


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@tunji - Your problem is not related to this discussion.  You should start a new discussion so that it can get the attention that it deserves.