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Backup Space Issues

BE 15 for windows server. We have 5 physical servers and 4 have 5 or so hyper-v VM's running. We backup to disk for all backups. This disk is in a JBoD device attached to a physical server. We currently have 6TB of backup to disk space on that disk. We have another backup to disk space available but i prefer to figure out how to reduce the backup size before using that space. We are now out of disk space with our backups.......

We have installed the BE agent on the hyper-v server and all the VM's and made BE backup jobs on the hyper-v host. The hyper-v host's are windows server 2012 R2 and the VM's are a mixture of server 2012 R2 and Linux servers. We keep the backups for 2 weeks. How do i reduce the backup space? The jobs that are expired, do the actual backups get deleted from the disk?

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Re: Backup Space Issues

The TN below will help you understand DLM, so give it a read:

That said, as backup sets are expired, they will be deleted from disk. If you can assign more space, then do so, otherwise your only other options would be to shorten your backup retention times, or look to change your backup plan to INCR/DIFF for instance if you're doing a FULL, or consider dedupe.