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Backup Speeds - was 2000MB/min now 130MB/min

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I'm looking for some thoughts on where to begin looking for a problem we encountered last night.

We're running backups to a Seagate 8TB USB drive using a USB3.0 port. Typically our nightly incrementals are between 400 and 700MB/min and the full backups end up around 2000-2500MB/min.

Last night we now see a speed of 130MB/min.

Any thoughts about what to test or look for?


Level 6

Hi Cletus9000,

This KB is helpful for troubleshooting speed issues.

also make sure the Backup Exec processes are excluded in AV if it is running and check an see if there may be any maintance operations running during the backup window that caused a slowdown.

Level 4

the problem is that everything was running perfectly fine for several months. then one day last week the speed just dropped. so i know the hardware is capable of running at the normal speed, i'm just trying to figure out what changed and how to fix it.

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