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Backup To Remote Device?

Level 3
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out here.
I have a backup server using Backup Exec 11d to backup several remote locations across the wire. Each location is a Windows 2003 server and all the appropriate remote agents I need are installed. The backups are going across the wire to disk on to the local Backup Exec 11d server. They're incrementals so the data isn't too large. Basically, I'm managing several remote sites using this one local install of Backup Exec. Everything is working well in that sense.
Here's the problem, one of those servers is getting a huge amount of data dumped on to it nightly and it's taking a very long time for that server to finish it's backup (more than 24hrs). As far as I'm concerned that data should be going on to tape locally at that server. I'm only concerned about the user files being backed up across the wire.
My question is, can I attach a tape drive locally to that server and still manage it with my local backup server? I would like for the user data (my regular incrementals) to come across the wire BUT I want that huge amount of data to go to a tape drive attached locally to that remote server.
Is this a situation where I would add an NDMP server? Or is there another way to do this?

Level 6
One option might be to make that server another BE server (or add a dedicated BE server at that site), with its own tape drive, then use the Central Admin Server Option to manage it from the local site.

Level 3
Thanks, I will look into that with a test server. There is no other way?