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Backup an Exchange 2013 DAG without CNO/CAAP

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Hi All,

This is my very first post and I really do hope you can help since we have been at it already for 12 hours.

Is there any way to backup an IP-less DAG?

We have a new Windows server 2012 R2 Exchange 2013 cluster without CAAP/CNO and BE2014 SP2 but no joy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Tnx. T


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Currently Backup Exec does not support this configuration of Exchange 2013.

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We're looking to support IP-less DAG in an upcoming release. I can't provide an exact timeline right now, but it should be soon. 

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Hi! is ther already a solution for this?




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Not yet  - but the plans for support (at least against the Exchange 2016 version) are close.


Note: you can sort of work around this (in a not officially supported/unsupported way)

Create a host file entry on your Backup Exec Server for the name of the DAG with the ip address of one of your mailbox servers (nodes of the DAG) and then add the DAG object into the Backup and Restore servers list inside the BE console to create your backup jobs against this object.


Note: this idea is loosely covered in a NetBackup Technote for the same problem

Also if you happen to try this option and it works for you then make sure you undo it once we support it officially