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Backup and Restore

Hi there, I was wondering what will be the best way to replicate a running live server. We have a server (ServerA) with ISA and Websense on a single server that I want to backup and restore to a new server.

I have tried to backup ServerA and restored on a newley build server (ServerB) using redirect option, restored finished secessfully but the server did not reboot (hal.dll errors). I fixed the boot issue by running Windows Server repair.

I just want to backup old server and restore on a new server, with all the apps and configuration intact.    

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The best tool would be

The best tool would be Symantec System Recovery. You can try downloading the trial from the lik

Secondly : We wont be able to perform a re-directed restore of System State and Shadow Copy components


If you are trying to restore

If you are trying to restore the entire server then the new server has to be identical(similar hardware)

of the old server.