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Backup append failed


I'm using Backup Exec 20.4 on Windows 2012R2. i'm having issue the append period is getting reset after 1 day, tape become Not Appendable. So, i'm able to store only 1 job per tape; after that the system ask for overwritable tape.

Below my configuration:

i have 7 jobs assigned for 7 tapes from Sunday to Saturday running on Full backup.

Each tape can allocate 3 jobs of storage ( Media capacity : 2.38 TB / My backup size: 702 GB)

Each job: OPP: 3 weeks / Append Period: Infinit / When job beggins: Append to media, Overwirite if no appendable...

Media overwrite protection level: Partial

Please help!


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Re: Backup append failed

re: "7 jobs assigned for 7 tapes"

Normally you do not assign jobs to tapes, so I think this is a key detail.

Can you clarify please? Are you using 7 different media sets? or are you using 7 partitions in a robotic library?

or are you using a stand-alone tape drive?