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Backup cannot complete because of slow Job Rate (7 MB/min) after bare metal restore

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I had to do a bare metal restore of a Win 2012 Domain Controller with Backup Exec 15.

Since the restore the backups for this server only won't complete. I used to have about 6,000 MB/min job rate and now I only get 7 MB/min (which is basically means the job will never complete). All of my other servers run somewhere beweeen 700 MB/min and 6,000 MB/min. These are the backup to disk rates - Disk to Tape (LTO6) are even faster 7000-9000 MB/min.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the agent, removed the server in the console and re-added, still no luck. As a stop gap I installed Veeam Enpoint protection to backup to the BUE server disk. Veeam had no issues - 29 min to backup 200 GB (close to 200 MB/sec)

One note: after the restore, I had some latency to network shares and I disabled Large Send Offload on the Ethernet adapter which immediately fixed that issue. I have 4 NICs in a team.