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Backup check needs much more time than backup


I´m using Backup Exec 12.5 with latest updates an RDX backup disk. The server is an HP DL360 tower and the operating system is windows 2008 SBS.

The Backup time of the D: partition with a capacity of 90 GB needs 2:45 horus. The check of the the same patition neets 4 hours.

Are there some possibility´s to optimize the backup and check time? Because I start the backup at 22:00 and most time the whole backup (C: D: systemstate, information store) ends ab 08:00.


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What do you mean by check?

What do you mean by check?  Verify?  If so, then the time taken to verify is dependent on the backup media.  When BE verifies a backup, it does not read the source data anymore, it just read back the backup data and compare the checksums.  If your RDX disks are heavily fragmented, then it could contribute to the long verify time.