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Backup consistently failing

Level 3
My backups are consistently failing with the message, "The backup of the item is bad."

Going into the properties page of the most recently completed job, I see:

Skipped files: 50
Corrupt files: 149

The info for one of the skipped files looks like this:

File was skipped : \\MAIL\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\SMTP (MAIL-{C9F47770-ABD2-4C0C-A4CC-B4FA1AD5B53E}) [{c9f47770-abd2-4c0c-a4cc-b4fa1ad5b53e}]TempTable#1#0 〰〰〰〰㉤㐶㘵戴攸昶〷挴㌹〹㥢ㄲ慡ㄶ㙦ㄵ㜰〰慣㔶摥㉦扡改㔹愴㐸㘹扢改㌶㕤つ愳〰〰〰〰〰㜲〰〰慣㔶摥㉦扡改㔹愴㐸㘹扢改㌶㕤つ愳〰〰㄰㔰戸㜵〰〰Returned mail
And here's one for one of the corrupt files:

File is corrupt : \\MAIL\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\SMTP (MAIL-{C9F47770-ABD2-4C0C-A4CC-B4FA1AD5B53E}) [{c9f47770-abd2-4c0c-a4cc-b4fa1ad5b53e}]TempTable#1#0 〰〰〰〰㉤㐶㘵戴攸昶〷挴㌹〹㥢ㄲ慡ㄶ㙦ㄵ㜰〰慣㔶摥㉦扡改㔹愴㐸㘹扢改㌶㕤つ愳〰〰〰〰〰㜲〰〰慣㔶摥㉦扡改㔹愴㐸㘹扢改㌶㕤つ愳〰〰〰昲㤲戴〰〰Returned mail
My assumption is that Backup Exec is having a hard time dealing with non-Latin characters in either filenames or email messages, or both. Would this be correct? If so, how can I fix this so that my backups work properly?


Level 3
I have still not been able to resolve this problem. Can anyone help with this?

Level 3

Two months and not one response? Does anyone from Symantec actually read this board?


This is getting ridiculous.