Backup data from Lotus Domino Agent.



  I am facing problems with my Lotus Domino Backup. I have a virtualization enviroment and my Lotus Domino Server is a VM and I installed the Backup Exec Agent in this machine to perform a data backup only. The problem is the backup throughput because is very slow, this backup has a total of 600GB and a throughput 500 MB/Min. This backup takes 20 hours approximately to finish and I others backups is faster, just Lotus Domino Server has this low throughput.

Today the backup is performed to tape but I made a test, I performed a backup to disk and the throughput is the same.

  Can someone help in this case?




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hello,  are there a large


are there a large number of NLO files?  If there are it might be the issue described here which can be resolved with hotfix 351400


Sure, You can refer below

Sure, You can refer below link for the best pratice of Backup Exec 2012 Agent for Lotus Domino



Make sure that you are not

Make sure that you are not running Fixup or Compact when the Domino backup job is running. Also run Fixup before the backup job to make sure that there are no corrupted .nsf files

If you are still having

If you are still having issues, make sure you run Live Updates and afterwards push out the remote agents to your remote servers.