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Backup device not coming back up.

Level 2

I've attached an image of the log and script.

Our client runs nightly backups to 2 rotating NAS. I've set up Backup-to-Disk devices for each backup job on both NAS and configured them into pools. I have a script that runs nightly to pause and unpause the devices so that the backup devices on the NAS that is connected will show online. Lately the UserShares on OL-FS - OL-Backup2 folder has been taking 40 minutes to finish trying to come back up and most of the time still registering as offline, causing the job to fail.

If I manually switch it to online, it shows online for 20-40 minutes and then goes back offline. Jobs initiated while it shows online are queued and then fail when it finally ticks to offline. Why is that backup device failing to come up while the other backup devices on the same NAS are coming up fine and backing up fine?