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Backup device shows in use

I have Backup Exec 12.5 running with W2008 Server Enteprise on an IBM x3650.  Backup device is an IBM VX320 Robotic Library.  Recently I had to reboot this server due to some WIndows Updates.  After the reboot all backups have failed with an error e000e020 which is related to the scheduled window being missed.  When looking at the device list the the device show "in-use".  I have stopped/restarted all services related to backup exec and have rebooted the server.  Cycled the power on the tape device as well.  I cannot get that status to change back to idle.  Has anyone experienced such an issue or have an idea how to resolve?  It is almsot like the device is trying to finish a job however when I rebooted our server it was long before the scheduled backup was to take place.

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Try to repair the Bakcup

Try to repair the Bakcup Exec. Maybe it works again!

Next, there is a probebality that the recent update has conflict with the Backup Excec engine or some pertaining functionalities. try to uninstall the update and see whether it goes back runing.

Device in use

Hi there

It might be worthwhile setting the Library to disabled, then deleting it, rebooting your server, and running the Device Configuration Wizard to see if that solves it?