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Backup error on media server with temporary files from AVVI


I have an intermittent error on the backup of a BE2012 media server (see screenshot).

The media server c:\ volume is fully backed up. Only some directories on other volume aren't backed up and the local dedup folder (see screenshot).

Any idea?


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Did you turn on AOF for your

Did you turn on AOF for your job?

Also, if you have AV on your media server, exclude the BE directory from AV scan.

Are you backing up the C:

Are you backing up the C: drive of the media server at the same time as other backup jobs are backing up virtual machines - if you are I would recommend only backing up the media server itself when no other backup jobs are running.

As an aside it is against recommended practice to backup the BEControl and BEData folders as they related to disk storage devcies and you should not flat file backup disk storage devices you should run duplicate jobs( )


Yes, AOF is enabled (see

Yes, AOF is enabled (see screenshot). No AV instaleld on the server.

Thanks for the recommandation

Thanks for the recommandation but this job must run without error while using AOF/VSS.

I added BEControl and BEData to the folder exclusion list. BE disk is not used for the moment on this media server.

You didn't confirm the query

You didn't confirm the query abouth whether Vmware backup jobs are runnign at the same time as you try and backup the media server?



Yes Colin, VMware backup Jobs

Yes Colin, VMware backup Jobs are running at the same time as the backup server. I don't understand why the VSS snapshot isn't working.

For us to go any further I

For us to go any further I think we need to know if you get the same errors when no VMware backups are running as it is possible for applications to lock their files in a way that is incompatible with VSS.

If they still fail we may need to knwo if with the Backup Exec services stopped whether you can delete or move those files/folders as if you can't they might be completely locked within the file system.