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Backup exec 12.5 restoring 2008 64-bit servers. Help!!

Level 4

Im using Backup exec 12.5 to backup 2008 64 bit standard sp2 servers that are on HP blade hardware. Im using ( in a lab) Backup exec 12.5 to restore to Blade hardware in the lab.

I build the server, put it online....yada yada

Run the restore ( C: \ D:\ System State) (I exclude the Boot Folder on C:\...which is empty to begin wiht..but i assume its a system state identfier)..
I will mention, the system state drags on my 2008 tests..anywhere from 1 hour 30 min to 3 hour...

Restore finishes errors

I reboot. Server comes to 2008 splash screen ( little green moving bar) moves for about 15 seconds....server stops, reboots

A windows 2008 repair process ( StartRep.exe) doesnt fix the issue.