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Backup exec 12d - e0008115 - Physical volume library, or robot paused, offline, or disabled

Level 2
Hi can anyone help,
I've recently installed backup exec 12d but everytime i run a job including just an inventory the job fails with this error:
e0008115 - Physical Volume Library Drive or Robot paused, offline, or disabled
I then go to 'Devices' and see that the HP drive that i'm using is now Offline.  I select it to be Online again, run another inventory job but i receive the above error message again and the Drive appears offline again.  All the latest drivers for the tape drive is installed, it has been rebooted and have also rebooted the server but nothing seems to correct this problem.   Can anyone help.  I've never encountered any problems like this when i've installed previous version of backup exec so is there any known problems with 12d?

Level 3
I've had the same issue recently (twice).  It tourned out to be a bad tape in the library but everytime it tried to inventory that tape it through everything off-line.  The only way I could get the library on-line was to delete everything out of the BE software and the device manager. Reboot and then run tapeinst.exe to reinstall everything.  I unloaded the bad tape and it seems to be working now.

Level 2

Witnessed the E0008115 error when standing up a brand new Superloader 3.  While it was very important to update the firmware on the autoloader and tape drive, this error was ultimately the result of a bad tape.  This one was new out of the box and it still caused problems.