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Backup exec 15 Instant Recovery

Level 3


We are running BE 15 FP5 and vmware 5.5U1 (VCenter 5.5). We have 5 ESXI hosts.

We have installed this on a new server, migrated from a previous 15 FP5 install (which it didnt work on either). So we copied the catalogs and DB over and confirmed all working as it was before, except for the instant recovery on vmware.

We also have a hyperv 2012 R2 cluster. 

Using instant recovery, it works fine for hyperv.

When it comes to vcenter, the instant recovery screen that pops up has garbled text. It also appears to think it is hyperv too as in the corrupted text it states to update the hyperv agent to the latest.

Our vcenter based backups work fine, we can restore fine, however the instant recovery does not.

Even if you ignore the garbled text, if you select a host it successfully populates the fields below EG: datastore selection and nic selection.


This though only stays there for a few seconds before it wipes the selection out and the OK button never turns from greyed out.

Also note how it states at the bottom about the network card for hyperv will be disabled...

We have confirmed it is not anything to do with the catalogs by renaming the folder. We are reulctant to do anything with the database though as we dont want to create the jobs again as we have over 900 (we backup around 150 servers).

Any help is appreciated



Level 5

I have not seen this. Is the netbios name of the VM the same for VMware as Hyper-V or are the completely different VMs (test VMs with the same setup). Does this happen with every VMware VM?


This is with every VM in vmware. The hyperv vms are seperate and dont share any names.

Lets see if anyone else has any ideas, but here are two of mine. Cycle all BE services. Run the Backup Exec repair (through add and remove programs).

Already run repair on the old install, this is a brand new install on new hardware and we get the same issues.

We copied over database and catalogs, and ruled out the catalogs by renaming folder and restarting services. 

Its either database or vcenter. However, all of our backups and restores from vcenter are fine... Its very weird. Also rules out permissions.

We really want to make use of this feature too...

We can test the database. Using BEutility.exe in the Backup Exec Directory we can back up the existing database and then reload from base. Run a VMware backup and try an IR. If it displays properly, then we know it's the DB.