Backup exec 15 stuck on Discovering resources


I have a problem that 2 servers can't backup, Status "discovering resources" and the job does not do anything. I can't cancel it or hold it, looks like backup exec is stuck. I can't stop or restart services.When I stop "Job engine" process, service also stops and then I can restart all services, jobs restarts and same issue persists.

I tried repair installation from program and features, repair database with BEUtility, restart whole server nothing helped.

Day before everything was fine and day after it got stuck. Very strange.

Backup exec is installed on VMWare Vsphere virtual machine, Windows Server 2008 R2

Backing up Windows Server 2008 R2

Any suggestions?

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Highlighted the remote agent the remote agent running on the remote server? Also, what are you backing up too? In order to have a VM as a media server there are a few very strict requirements, and backing up to a device like a tape library isn't supported.



Is the storage to which the

Is the storage to which the backup job targetted to in an online status ?


Service "Backup remote Agent

Service "Backup remote Agent for windows" is running so i think agent is running. Tried restart it nothing happened.

I'm backing up C: and system state.

Backups are deployed to storage which is online. No tape devices only storages and NAS.

Other servers C: and system states are successfully backing up to same storage.


...any other changes in the

...any other changes in the environment, like a firewall that was activated or AV that was updated?


I think that NO. If i

I think that NO.

If i remember correct problems appeared when I updated Backup Exec from 14 to 15, updated agents and set server to restart at night.

Are there any possible way to check for some logs or errors?

[edited:] I think i found the solution. I tried to backup inceremental backup which failed. Maybe because of upgrade I needed Full backup before Incremental and Full backup was successfull and after that Incremental also was succefull. I'm trying the same with other server now.


It is best practice to do a

It is best practice to do a full backup after an agent upgrade on the client. Most of the times it's also mentioned in the documentation


It looks like, that the

It looks like, that the problem still persists. This night one incremental backup was running and another started and both of them got stuck. Anyone has any suggestions?


What is the "concurrecy" set

What is the "concurrecy" set for the disk storage ?


How is the disk storage

How is the disk storage connected to the virtualised media server?


If you mean "Concurent write

If you mean "Concurent write sessions" then it's 1.





This means that only 1 job at

This means that only 1 job at a time can write to the disk storage.  The other jobs will have to wait.  You can increase the concurrency if you want more jobs writing to the disk storage at the same time.  However, if you set it too high, then there will be disk contention and overall the time needed to finish the jobs might take longer than when only 1 job can write to the disk storage.


If its set to 1 and more than

If its set to 1 and more than one job starts/runs, then the remaining jobs will be queued. You consider increasing the concurrency thereby allowing more jobs to run simultaneously.


I think that it is better to

I think that it is better to do one job to one storage at once than multiple jobs so it is set to 1. 10 of 12 servers are backing up ok but 2 not. Now I'm looking at backup history of those and see that all full backups finished successfully and after that 2 incrementals were fine but then one or another starts 3rd incremental it gets stuck. If I have another running job which is backig up to a different storage it allso freezes. Nothing helps accept full backup. of those two servers. Maybe I should recreate backup jobs? Any suggestions?


An incremental backup can

An incremental backup can take longer than a full backup because of the extra processing to determine which files needs to be backed up.  This is especially so if you are using the archive bit method and there are a lot of files.  If you are using the archive bit method, you should try the modified time method.

The job may appear to be stuck but it may actually be running. You should click on the job and check the joblog.  If the stats are changing then the job is not stuck.

You should also make sure that there are no housekeeping or other jobs which access the disk and interfere with the backup.  A lot of external factors affect backups.  Unfortunately, you have to do a bit of detective work to find out whether it is these factors causes your problems or BE itself is the problem.


One servers full backup takes

One servers full backup takes about 20min, other servers about 1h30min, incrementals takes up to 10min. When it was stuck incremental backup was "discovering resources" for 4 days, so i don't beleave it's normal. I will try to recreate backups today and will post if it helped.


Are you sure there is no AV

Are you sure there is no AV running that interferes with the BE services?


Tried repair installation,

Tried repair installation, restart server and recreate Job. 1 full backup and 2 incrementals were successfull and 3rd incremental stucked. Very strange issue


Pls log a support case for an

Pls log a support case for an engineer to have a look @ your setup and logs.