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Backup exec 16: Restoring physical server to AWS EC2

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Any ideas please? Im having trouble booting up my restored server in AWS.

Im trying to restore an on premises physical server to AWS as an EC2 instance, here is what I have have done so far:

(Note the server is using DHCP so has no fixed IP)

1) Restored the entire local server C: drive as a VHD image to local storage.

2) Using the AWS CLI tool, uploaded the VHD image to an AWS S3 bucket.

3) Using the AWS CLI tool, imported the VHD image in the s3 bucket as a snapshot into EC2

4) Using the snapshot, created an EBS volume

5) Launched a new windows server 2008 instance with 32bit architecture to match the image im trying to restore

6) Stopped the new server instance and detached the boot drive

7) Attached the EBS volume that I created from the snapshot as the new boot device (using root device name /dev/sda1)

8) Started the EC2 instance.

The problem:

The instance appears to start ok and enters the running state for a couple of minutes then automatically enters the stopped state again.

When I use the CLI tool to "describe" the instance after the shut down I notice the following error  "StateReason": {
                        "Message": "Client.InstanceInitiatedShutdown: Instance initiated shutdown",
                        "Code": "Client.InstanceInitiatedShutdown"

So I guess the instance booted up ran into some unkown problem then shut itself down.

I know this method has worked for other poeple (perhaps not using backup exec though).

Should I be able to restore this way using the backup exec created VHD of a physical server? Or any ideas what could be the problem? Or am I going about the restore the wrong way? Perhaps its not even possibe?

Thank you for any help.





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