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Backup exec 2015 - job is missed if it comes from scheduled date to excluded date

Level 3

Hi All,

I have a strange issue with backup exec 2015.

I have a scheduled job for daily backup which starts at 22:00 daily except friday.

for friday i have a weekly backup (full).

in exceptional cases, such a holidays.... I am making full backup at last working day of the week.

I have a time at which backup job every day starts.

If in that time all Devices are busy, job is going to queue and waiting for free devices.

for example, I have some jobs scheduled for 22:00, 22:30, 23:00..... I have 3 tape drives in library.

when there are no free tape drives and scheduled time for a job is come (23:00), job is going to a queue and will proceed when any of drive became free, 1-2-3 hours of night next day. (that was with symantec backup exec 2014). was exactly the same when on friday was a holiday, I put all DAILY evening jobs to EXCLUDE for thursday evening and night/morning jobs for friday and INCLUDE WEEKLY backup jobs to thursday evening and friday morning.

But now in Backup Exec 2015 such exclusions and inclusions does not works correctly.

jobs which are scheduled to run at 23:00 but no free drive at a scheduled time, they are waiting in a queue from 23:00 till 00:00 and then failed with a MISSED status...

I am understand that this is happens because Job for weekly backup on friday in a excluded day, but it is included to start at Thursday and it is starts at thursday but goes to a queue.... and should starts at friday but ....missed...

Any ideas?



ps. sorry for my english.