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Backup exec Full/Incremental to Dedup Disk has failed since Vsphere update from 6.7 to 7

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Hello all, Since updating the Vsphere environment to 7 (from 6.7) the full and incremental back to the the Dedup disk storage has failed. Of course this means the weekly tape is also not running.

There are several errors (not at my desk so cannot remember the exact IDs) but one mentions that it's unable to access the VM disk. 

Is the best bet to delete then re-add the VCA within Backup Exec?

Thanks once more!




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If you are using vSphere 7 Update 3, are you on BE 21.3?

Hello pkh, sorry missed the reply - need to turn on notifications!

Yes the version is: Backup exec server 21.4 - Version 21.0.1200

Its strange as now I can backup some VMs within the same folder structure on the VCA but not others. The ones that can backup i have not done anything other than change the backup account used to back up and the others started to backup. I started adding each one individually and running the backup to see which ones were backing up and which were failing.

Should I re-install the backup exec agent on the servers that aren't backing up? Any other ideas?

The VMs that fail with 0xe0009585 are using the same SAN and are in the same VCA folder - stumped!