Backup exec and old tape drive

Ok not really sure how to begin this but here it goes and i hope i am clear.

Many years ago i purchased a tape drive, the tape drive was manufactured or at least marketed by Connor, conner was later integrated into Seagate, seagate then took the software side and sold it to Veritas and then Veritas took and sold it to Symantec.

So that brings us to today, the old software which i had upuntil i recently moved was based on 95/98, the tape drive itself plugs into the floppy drive cable. Anyway from moving the PC which i had the tape drive on took a crap. So a friend of mine lent me a demo copy of backup exec 13, granted an older version but was hoping that it would recognize my tape drive. It did not.

So if i may ask, what Symantec backup exec program version will recognize my tape drive and will it run under xp or 7?

I want to take all my tapes and back them up to dvd. that is why i am looking for something that will work my tape drive.

Thanks for any and all assistance.

Have a great day.

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What tape drive is it? What

What tape drive is it?

What software was used to make the backups?

The tape drive is a Connor

The tape drive is a Connor CTM-420R-F the origonal software i know was based on 95/98 and it was Backup Exec.

But as i said in my first posting, connor sold it seagate, seagate then sold the software to veritas, and veritas sold it to symantec.

So will the symantec backup exec still work my tape drive? Does it still have the drivers needed? or do I need an older version of the software? Or what was the last version that would function with the tape drive and what OS?


Wow, that is an old tape

Wow, that is an old tape drive.  According to an ebay listing I found, it has a 34 pin floppy interface (as you stated), so that even pre-dates the IDE tape drives.  It appears to be a 420 MB capacity QIC drive.

I don't recall Backup Exec for Windows Servers ever supporting anything like that.  The oldest HCL that I see is for Backup Exec 10d, which has some Conner drives, but not that series.  I believe that the Backup Exec you have is Backup Exec Desktop, not even a server version.  I don't know if tapes are compatible between the two versions.  Were your tapes still readable recently?  I hope they haven't been sitting for 15-20 years.

I see that you can still download the BE Desktop software.  I hope that helps you.


It looks like it could run on Windows 2000 as the newest OS.



...if you don't come right,

...if you don't come right, PM Vivek Jain who is a Symantec employee and see if he can assist you.


I've a similar problem. I

I've a similar problem.
I try to get a Connor Travan TR-1 (800MB) running under XP.
Many thanks for publishing the link to BE. I got software installed under WinXP by using compatibility mode (98, NT)
But it seems that the Backup Exec 4.5 only runs up to NT and not Win2K as written in the flyer.
Currently I've some trouble with the software it doesn't find the tape driver.