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Backup exec backup storage failed

Level 3

Backup exec not detecting the media tape yet inserted it shows no media the backup keeps failing with error of backup storage has failed 

when i do inventory now on the tape that is when it is displayed I have tried to create an inventory job that will be happening before the backup scheduled time but still it will last for few days and the issue will come again even if the job for storage was successful. @klauskresnik  



BE version?

Tape device model?


BE version 15

Tape model  HPE LTO-5 Ultrium  @kf2013  the backup was running well before. 


I would expect an inventory to be necessary after inserting tapes (or tape if using a stand-alone tape drive) for Backup Exec to be aware of what tape is in the drive/slot. For an RTL (Robotic Tape Library) if you are using barcodes then only a scan is required.

So are you sayiing this is suddenly different behaviour to how it has been working in the past?

Is this just one tape that has a problem or a number of different tapes? Anything changed in your set-up?

yeah sure.  it has been working in the past 

for all tapes I tried with them but still, the issue came again .

when I do inventory now the backup will be run successfully for the day before the tape was automatic no inventory now  was needed the BE was able to detect the tape after being inserted in the tape library


is there another way of doing inventory automatic 

nothing was changed in the setup 


So I'm not sure why its doing something different now to previously if nothing has changed (what about the Backup Exec overwrite/prompt options? - just a thought) however you can always use BEMCLI to automatically run an inventory just before a job starts.

First you'd need to create a text file containing something similar to the following (this is just an example for an RTL):

Import-Module BEMCLI
Submit-BEInventoryJob -RoboticLibraryDevice "Robotic library 0001"

Then in the backup job, in the Pre/Post Commands section, type the following:

powershell "C:\temp\scan.ps1"

where scan.ps1 is the text file created above and C:\temp is its location.
If you checkout the BEMCLI_en.chm file located in the Backup Exec install directory this contains extensive BEMCLI help and examples. You will obviously need to tweak it for your own environment.