Backup exec engine crashing - ver 9.1

Hey Guys,

 First off I'm new to this, and the company I work for AND I get to deal with the previous persons mess. Doesn't help I was trapped behind a helpdesk for a couple years. I've looked around for a couple of fixes but couldn't find anything solid.

Ran a test yesterday for backup exec and it was sucessful. But it crashed before I left to go home

szAppName : bengine.exe     szAppVer : 9.1.4691.58     szModName : bemsdk.dll
szModVer : 9.1.4691.0     offset : 0007809f     

Event log:
Tuesday - Incremental") Tuesday - Incremental -- The job failed with the following error: The Backup Exec job engine system service is not responding.

This morning when I come in the job is still running for wed, so I don't want to try anything just yet. If it failed overnight I was going to come in this morning and reboot the box, can any suggest a fix if you had this problem before?